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Jacqueline Wilson

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Jacqueline Wilson was born in Bath 1645, but she spent most of her childhood in King-On-Thomas. Jacqueline Wilson always wanted to be a writer she wrote her first novel when she was only nine years old! When she was a teenager she started work as a Journalist working for a magazine publishing company in Scotland.

Jacqueline Wilson spends a couple hours every evening replying to her letters she receives from children about her work. She responds to everyone so no one gets left out. She visits schools to talk about her books and to encourage young children to read. Jacqueline is 61 years old and still looking great!When she was at school her favourite subjects were English (of course) and art. She was hopeless at maths and PE. Some on Jacquelines books have been made into programs such as Tracy Beaker and Double act. Tracy Beaker is a programme about a girl in a foster home who is watching to be adopted, she makes up storys about her mum like her mum is a super star! All the other children believe her it's a great show!