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Jacqueline Wilson has written millions of books in her lifetime it's amazing, so im giving you the chance to see all the books she has written!!!!

Hide and Seek   Macmillan, 1972

Ricky's Birthday   Macmillan, 1973

Truth or Dare   Macmillan, 1973

Snap   Macmillan, 1974

Let's Pretend   Macmillan, 1976

Making Hate   Macmillan, 1977

Nobody's Perfect   Oxford University Press, 1982

Waiting for the Sky to Fall   Oxford University Press, 1983

The Killer Tadpole   Hamish Hamilton, 1984

The Other Side   Oxford University Press, 1984

The School Trip   Hamish Hamilton, 1984

How to Survive Summer Camp   Oxford University Press, 1985

Amber   Oxford University Press, 1986

The Monster in the Cupboard   Blackie, 1986

Glubbslyme   Oxford University Press, 1987

Lonely Hearts   Armada, 1987

Supersleuth   Armada, 1987

The Power of the Shade   Oxford University Press, 1987

Rat Race   Armada, 1988

This Girl   Oxford University Press, 1988

Vampire   Armada, 1988

Falling Apart   Oxford University Press, 1989

Is There Anybody There?: Volume 1 - Spirit Raising   Armada, 1989

The Left Outs   Blackie, 1989

The Party in the Lift   Blackie, 1989

Is There Anybody There?: Volume 2 - Crystal Gazing   Armada, 1990

Take a Good Look   Blackie, 1990

The Dream Palace   Oxford University Press, 1991

The Story of Tracy Beaker   Doubleday, 1991

The Werepuppy   Blackie, 1991

Mark Spark   Hamish Hamilton, 1992

The Suitcase Kid   Doubleday, 1992

Video Rose   Blackie, 1992

Deep Blue   Oxford University Press, 1993

Mark Spark in the Dark   Hamish Hamilton, 1993

The Mum-minder   Doubleday, 1993

Come Back, Teddy!   Longman, 1994

Freddy's Teddy   Longman, 1994

Teddy at the Fair   Longman, 1994

Teddy Goes Swimming   Longman, 1994

The Bed and Breakfast Star   Doubleday, 1994

The Werepuppy On Holiday   Blackie, 1994

Twin Trouble   Methuen, 1994

Cliffhanger   Yearling, 1995

Double Act   Doubleday, 1995

Elsa, Star of the Shelter   A Whitman & Co (USA), 1995

Jimmy Jelly   Piccadilly Press, 1995

Love from Katie   Ginn, 1995

My Brother Bernadette   Heinemann, 1995

Sophie's Secret Diary   Ginn, 1995

The Dinosaur's Packed Lunch   Doubleday, 1995

Bad Girls   Doubleday, 1996

Beauty and the Beast   A & C Black, 1996

Connie and the Water Babies   Methuen, 1996

Mr. Cool   Kingfisher, 1996

Girls in Love   Doubleday, 1997

The Lottie Project   Doubleday, 1997

The Monster Story-Teller   Doubleday, 1997

Buried Alive!   Doubleday, 1998

Girls Under Pressure   Doubleday, 1998

Rapunzel   Scholastic, 1998

Girls Out Late   Doubleday, 1999

Monster Eyeballs   Heinemann, 1999

The Illustrated Mum   Doubleday, 1999

Lizzie Zipmouth   Corgi, 2000

The Dare Game   Doubleday, 2000

Vicky Angel   Doubleday, 2000

Dustbin Baby   Doubleday, 2001

Sleep-overs   Doubleday, 2001

The Cat Mummy   Doubleday, 2001

Girls in Tears   Doubleday, 2002

Secrets   Doubleday, 2002

The Worry Website   Doubleday, 2002

Lola Rose   Doubleday, 2003

Midnight   Doubleday, 2003

Best Friends   Doubleday, 2004

The Diamond Girls   Doubleday, 2004

Clean Break   Doubleday, 2005

Candyfloss   Doubleday, 2006